Galv-Etch ®
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was invented and patented 37 years ago by a chemistry teacher who went into the building trade and recognized the challenge that existed with painting of new galvanized iron. Through extensive testing, he discovered that his invention chemically "weathered" new galvanized iron so effectively that it eliminated the need for costly primers. He also discovered that it could be used on various other surfaces to enable successful paint adherence.


  • Galv-Etch Galv-Etch oxidizes oily layers on surfaces and removes other impurities that will cause paint to peel.
  • Etches metals, providing a key for effective paint adhesion
  • Removes fine powder dust on surfaces such as smooth cement, fibre cement and aluminium
  • Removes moss and fungus and kills any spores imbedded in surfaces, thereby eliminating regrowth under paintwork
  • Stabilizes surface rust and removes rust powder after scouring.
  • It is non-corrosive, easy to work with and can be disposed of through normal drain systems, as it is environmentally friendly.
  • It is economical and cost effective, as proper surface preparation with Galv-Etch can eliminate the need for costly primers


Conventional pre-paint cleaning of new galvanized iron is done through the use of products containing phosphoric acid, which is caustic, harmful to the skin and respiratory system and can cause ongoing corrosion under paintwork if not completely neutralized. Galv-Etch oxidises the oily passivation layer and etches the zinc coating sufficiently to provide a key for effective paint adhesion.


Galv-Etch removes built up contaminants such as soot and dust. However, deep rust needs to first be removed and a rust convertor applied, as Galv-Etch does not function as a rust convertor. However, Galv-Etch will remove rust powder, formed as a result of scouring or hard brushing, thereby stabilizing the surface for successful painting.


Galv-Etch loosens and lifts contaminants such as dirt, soot, moss, fungus and animal droppings from roof tiles. Even though a high-pressure spray cleaner may appear to remove moss and fungus, embedded spores will stay behind, causing rapid regrowth under paintwork. Galv-Etch kills imbedded spores, ensuring no regrowth from old spores.


Galv-Etch removes powder dust that will prevent paint from adhering to fibre cement and smooth cement products and surfaces.


Galv-Etch has been used by numerous small, medium and large contractors and DIY clients for more than 30 years. It has stood the test of time and continues to be the preferred surface preparation product for painting of various surfaces by contractors and clients across the country.

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